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  • Anti-aging Pp Masterbatch

    Contact NowAnti-aging Pp MasterbatchWeather Resistance Masterbatch LS-133W for PP Nonwoven fabric 1. Introduction. LS-133W masterbatch is prepared from processing various high performance anti-aging additives with PP carrier resin....Read More

  • Antioxidant 300

    Contact NowAntioxidant 300ANTIOXIDANT 300 Composition on ingredients Chemical Name: 4,4’-thiobis-(6-tert-butyl-3-methylphenol) The quality as same as Santonox TBMC (Monsanto) ; Lowinox 44S36 (Great Lake) Molecular Formula:...Read More

  • Chain Extender Of Pet/pbt

    Contact NowChain Extender Of Pet/pbtChain Extender CE-SY CE-SY is excellent chain Extender CE-SY for recycled PET, PBT. Improving the viscosity, tensile strength, breaking elongation and impact strength, can match the request of...Read More

  • Anti-fogging Agent

    Contact NowAnti-fogging AgentDripping and anti-fogging agent for agricultural film /DCCB8 203 1.Product introduction: Our dripping and anti-fogging agent is compounded of three parts DCCB8203-A,DCCB8203-B and DCCB8203-C. It...Read More

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